Parents need their techie kids' help


New research from ntl:Telewest and Virgin Mobile shows that every 16-year-old they questioned thinks they know more about technology than their parents. Two-thirds of adults regularly ask their under-18 kids to help them with their mobile phone, the internet or TV.

Here comes another silly acronym: these kids are TANKs. Yes, really. Technically Able Noughties Kids. Great.

One-third of these TANKs (I can’t carry on using that) have a MySpace account, and over half use YouTube, whereas 82% of adults hadn’t even heard of it. Two-thirds of these kids would rather go without food than their mobile for 24 hours (what, no Burger King?)

Dr Pat Spungin, a child psychologist, said: “Technology plays a positive role in the lives of children and many key skills and abilities for later life can be nurtured through its use. It encourages children to multitask and they will always have a desire to communicate and absorb information, which technology satisfies.”

And it’s nice for kids to get one up over their parents, too.

Andy Merrett
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