LiveScribe Smartpen: Flytop for grown-ups



The LiveScribe Smartpen lets you link audio to the notes you’re writing on the special dotted paper, and it also stores the notes you’re writing inside it electronically. You can then download the audio and holograph to your computer and index all the notes. If this thing is half as convenient as it claims, it’ll show up everywhere from grocery shopping lists to making classroom notes actually valuable to meaning I don’t have to tape record my interviews and then transcribe them painfully later, since my notes will again be in a usable format. It stores 100 hours of audio and you can print out the special paper it needs on most inkjets or laser printers (it doesn’t oblige you to continually buy expensive consumables to keep it useful). It also has an open SDK so geeks can expand it. The pen is projected to cost less than $200, meaning I will have one. [GT]

LiveScribe: Turn your paper on (via Gizmodo)

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