iPhone review expected soon and Halo 3 tipped to be bigger than Gears of War: the best stories from Shiny Media


iphone.gif– It looks like a review of the iPhone may be just a couple of weeks away. A Wall Street Journal columnist is putting it through its paces as we speak [iPhonic]

  • Toshiba have had to adjust their HD DVD hardware sales targets – downwards. Could this be an indicator of the outcome of the DVD format war? [HDTV UK]

  • If you were eagerly hoping the 80GB PS3 would hit Europe, you may want to readjust your expectation levels [PSPSPS]

  • Halo 3 isn’t going to suffer from a lack of hype… One confident chappy at Microsoft Games Studios reckons it will be bigger than Gears of War [XBoxer]

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