Grr! It's an Alien Headknocker


alien-head.jpgActually, the aliens in Alien don’t go ‘grr’ do they? It’s more of a ‘slurp’ mixed with a bit of ‘screech’. Either way, this eight-inch Alien headknocker doesn’t make any sound, but its head does wobble back and forth like David Gray on a pub crawl.

It’s made of hand-painted resin, and is apparently suitable for ages eight and up. Do many eight-year-olds know the Alien films? And if so, what in the hell were their parents thinking?! It’s a short step from that to playing Manhunt 2 to killing 17 people in a real-world chainsaw rampage…

Anyway, if you’re prepared to risk it, this’ll set you back £12.99.

Alien Headknocker figure

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Stuart Dredge
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