Brits abroad lose their pasty pallor, their dignity… but also their mobile phones

Mobile phones

sunbather.jpgRestoring all your contacts after you lose your mobile phone on holiday can be a huge inconvenience, says a survey commissioned by Mobyko, whose service helps you restore all your contacts after losing your mobile phone on holiday. Would you believe it?

Okay, off with the Cynical Hat, even if this is one of those surveys that ties neatly into the business model of the company commissioning it. According to Mobyko, 25% of people who lose their phones take a week to restore all their contacts, 28% take a month, 18% take six months, and 28% lose all their friends forever take even longer.

Meanwhile, hotels are the most frequent place Brits lose their phones abroad, followed by planes, bars or nightclubs, swimming pools or the sea (who takes their mobile into the sea?) and taxis.

Naturally, Mobyko pitches its mobile backup service as the answer to our cack-handedness. It’s free in the basic version, while there’s a premium version that costs £24.99 a year.

Mobyko website

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