Cowon unveils iAudio 7 pocket media player

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The Cowon iAudio 6 is getting a little long in the tooth just now – so enter the Cowon iAudio 7.

In terms of looks, it’s essentially the same – but that’s not bad thing as it was one of the original’s selling points. But there are changes under the bonnet. It’s dispensed with the hard drive, moving to flash memory to up the storage to a maximum of 8GB. And it also adds FLAC and OGG file compatibility, along with XviD video. Battery life is impressive too – up to 60 hours from a Lithium Polymer battery which can be charged via USB.

No news on a UK launch as yet, but prices being quoted for other territories are the equivalent of £95 for the 4GB model and £125 for the 8GB player.

Cowon website

Via Engadget

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