Ashera: $22,000 cat from Lifestyle Pets



This may look like a regular 4 stone cat on a leash but it’s actually the Cat Of Tomorrow! The Ashera is a blend of the Asian Leopard cat, African Serval and an unnamed domestic breed (probably “alley”). It will grow to be 13-15 kilos. Lifestyle Pets also claims to be developing a tiny dog which I guess can be fed to the cat. My cat Lacerda weighs over 10 kilos, and what did he cost? Nothing, he just showed up in the kitchen one day. Feel free to drop by any I’ll see if I can turn up any of his brothers. But if you want your cat high tech, it’ll be $22,000 – or $28,000 if you want to raise it from a kitten. Plus $1500 shipping. [GT]

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One thought on “Ashera: $22,000 cat from Lifestyle Pets

  • Whomever is running that cat breeding program is a SCAM ARTIST!! Savannah Cats have the exact same breeding program! Savannah kittens range usually between $1,000 and $5,000. Don’t be fooled.

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