Zap-X electric car recharges in as little as ten minutes



While I understand that new electric cars must look like conventional ones to give new buyers a soothing sense that they are getting a car that will function as well as any other (and not some freakazoid chunk of machinery that’ll as soon tip over as go straight), it’s always somewhat depressing to see some new electric car hardware that does, well, look just like a conventional one. Especially with such a lovely name as the Zap-X! Modern car styling has us all looking like we’re driving enormous single running shoes and surely the electrics could bring us some new style alongside their chic new tech? But enough of that – on to the things that make the Zap-X eye-popping: extra engines, super-quick charging batteries with long life, and a body from space.

The Zap-X architecture is lightweight aluminum, meaning what energy it does need isn’t being wasted carting around a fat carapace. Engines built-in to each wheel give it incredible horsepower and acceleration: 644 horses and up to 155mph (in the ballpark of 250kph). It can go over 500km between charges, and its “rapid-change” system allows you to refill it in as little as ten minutes. With brains like that, who needs sex appeal? (Alas.) [GT]

Zap-X [via Red Ferret]

Gabrielle Taylor
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  • I suspect that even if this car was priced under 30k, you would still find something to rant about. Gotta start somewhere. R and D is expensive. In time it will become more affordable. Can’t have everything we want when we want it. Instant gratification boy. Ye of little faith. I I usually drive less than 100k per day so and so do 90% of us. So what’s your point? Save your pennies and buy the damn thing. Your car already costs you well over 60k for 5 years of use anyways. Whiny ass.

  • I’d be skeptical about the mileage claims until I see the battery capacities. They would have to be almost twice those of the Tesla, meaning a battery pack costing $40,000. They also don’t indicate how they are managing to acheive 10 minute recharge times without using advanced batteries like the Altair or A123 System types.
    I’d not put a lot of faith in that 350 mile range claim – the Tesla claimed 250 mile range, only to be shown rather fraudulently optimistic by the EPA tests, which revealed a range of 200 miles. The Zap-X promises to outdo the Tesla in just about every way, including price, which should exceed $110,000. Boy, it’s getting tough finding an economical electric car these days.
    All that money and you still can’t go to Vegas for the weekend and get back home. Until electric cars come down to earth and stop being built for
    rich Hollywood types who will throw away tons of money to impress the little people of their store bought “environmental purity” electric cars will contribute zilch to reduction of emissions.

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