The 10 questions people are asking about Microsoft's Surface technology

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ms-surface.jpgAnother day, another innovative new technology from Microsoft. Surface is its name: it was announced earlier today, and Kat’s already been analysing its potential uses. But there are still plenty of questions around Microsoft’s whizzy connected-table technology.

Such as? Well…

1. How does it cope with coffee stains?
2. Can my cat delete my digital photo collection by walking across it?
3. Does this mean I should stop saving up for a Windows Smart Display?

4. How long till Apple brings out a nicer version called the iTable?
5. Will Ikea be selling flat-pack versions of Surface?
6. Where are the CTRL-ALT-DEL buttons?
7. Can I play Football Manager 2007 on this thing?
8. Has Bill got one yet?
9. Has someone got Linux to run on it yet?
10. Can it talk to my internet fridge and Wi-Fi toaster?

Stuart Dredge
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  • Stephen – whilst there are some Mac-using writers working for this site, the remainder are all Windows users, and like me, enthusiastic and obsessive Bill Gates nutters. I’m shocked you don’t seem to appreciate humour when it’s applied in some of our posts…off to the funny-bone factory with you, old boy.

  • Hi Stephen. Thanks for taking the time to post a snarky comment on all three Surface posts, your efforts are appreciated. Perhaps we’ll have an Apple-free day sometime soon, just to please you.

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