Tech Digest readers have spoken about Wi-Fi dangers


wifialliance5.jpg Manage to free up some of your time last night to catch the BBC’s Panorama special concerning Wi-Fi dangers to your health? No? Too busy watching Coronation Street on ITV? This is your health we’re talking about, readers! Although that Ken, ruining Deidre’s life, makes for interesting viewing…

No matter if you didn’t catch the special, as our Tech Digest readers have given their views on the whole Wi-Fi debacle, and it seems that over 60% of you agree with us here that the BBC are simply using scare tactics in order to drum up viewers, and that Wi-Fi is perfectly safe. Trailing just behind, 15% of you think that mobile phone radiation poses a larger threat to our safety, and another 15% believe everything gives you cancer these days, and a little access to radiation from Wi-Fi won’t cause much harm. Check out the poll from yesterday for the full results.

Katherine Hannaford
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