Nuvo Wino infra-red wine thermometer



Nuvo Wino? Is that like Nouveau Riche, as in the johnny-come-latelys of the alcoholic world, who other winos look down on because they didn’t inherit their tendency to chug four cans of Special Brew before midday? No? Oh…

Instead, Nuvo Wino is a wine thermometer, designed to ensure that your expensive glass of plonk doesn’t get too warm (although my approach to that problem is generally ‘drink it fast, then ask for another one’).

The device has a sensor that pops out ready to be dipped in your wine, giving you a digital temperature reading. Thankfully, advice is provided on what’s too warm. US boozers can get their hands on the Nuvo Wino now for $49.95, but us Brits will have to continue relying on passing Frenchmen to tell us if our wine’s up to scratch, until the device comes out over here.

Nuvo Wino website (via Engadget)

Stuart Dredge
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