Hauppauge WinTV tuners now Mac compatible with EyeTV software


hauppauge_eye_tv_tuner.jpgHauppauge has announced that its WinTV digital TV sticks can now be used on a Mac, thanks to new EyeTV software available from Elgato Systems.

The new software means Hauppauge’s range of Freeview and hybrid USB tuners will work on both PCs and Macs, giving live TV and PVR functionality to both sets of owners.

The software means that WinTV NOVA-T, WinTV HVR 900, and WinTV NOVA-TD tuners can be used on the Mac.

“Traditionally the TV hardware products for PCs and Macs have been quite different,” commented Yehia Oweiss, UK Managing Director and Vice President of Sales, EMEA for Hauppauge Digital. “For the first time, a WinTV tuner will work on both a PC and a Mac, opening new opportunities for owners who want to move products between several machines.”

The EyeTV software costs €59.99 (about £40), so if you use both a Mac and a PC, or you have an Intel-based Mac and want to use a tuner with both OS X and Windows, then this is a cost-effective way of doing it. Otherwise, it’s probably cheaper to get a dedicated Mac tuner, of which there are many.


Andy Merrett
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