Opinion: freesat confusion and secrecy is hurting the brand and stifling competition


freesat, the free-to-air satellite service due to launch in a matter of weeks, is a great idea and one that many people are looking forward to, but the organisation is behaving as if the pre-launch phase is a covert military operation, and that’s hurting the brand.

Last week we wrote about the launch of Hauppauge’s USB2 tuner that should be able to receive the freesat signal via a compatible satellite connection. That’s not how freesat sees it

Hauppauge debuts world's first 'double twin' TV card


There’s really very little point in spending hundreds of hard earned pounds on a fancy hard disc recorder when you can just stick a relatively inexpensive TV card in your PC and use that instead. Or so Hauppauge’s logic goes. And it has gone overboard in its efforts to find a complete all-in-one solution to your TV needs with its latest card, the HVR2200, which contains two analogue tuners alongside a further two digital Freeview tuners.

Hauppauge reveals the pMP – portable media player and Freeview receiver


Hauppauge Digital, stalwart in its insistence that computers and TV watching should be merged in blissful unison, has revealed its latest attempt at the PMP market. The imaginatively named Hauppauge pMP sports a 3.5″, 320×240 display and is designed to sync up with any Vista or Media Center PC. It measures in at 12 x 7.8 x 2 cm and the rechargeable Lithium battery should give you around four hours of playback.