Halo 2 for Vista delayed due to hilarious "partial nudity"



Microsoft has delayed the release of Halo 2 for Windows Vista for one week because of and I quote “an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity”. Microsoft’s response has been to relabel the game packaging to warn customers and to develop a download which will remove the content . This content will be removed from all future runs from the game. And what exactly is this most vile content? It follows after the jump. (Warning: should not be viewed by pregnant women or individuals of nervous temperament.)


Yep, that’s it. A source explained: “It’s worth pointing out that the map editor for Halo 2 Vista is in fact a copy/paste of the original internal tools the Bungie team used to make Halo 2 content in the first place. This error message was only ever meant to be for the internal amusement of Bungie programmers. Somehow neither of the two external groups tasked with porting the map editor seemed to come across this image until after the fact.” Fortunately America has been saved from having their eyeballs fall out in the unlikely event of encountering this error message. [GT]

Nudity Delays Halo 2 Vista [via Slash Gear]

Gabrielle Taylor
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