YouTube urged to pull down teacher videos

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bullying.jpg Web giants like YouTube have been urged to get tough with the cyber-bullies that use their sites to make pupils’ and teachers’ lives a misery. The education secretary Alan Johnson will say web providers have a “moral obligation” to cut offensive videos of people being attacked, harassed or ridiculed. Bullying is causing many teachers to leave the profession and Mr Johnson will also point to new powers teachers have to confiscate mobile phones and MP3 players used for such abuse.

Here’s a quick selection of the type of stuff that is on the site. Frankly we were pretty shocked by what we saw. Not that there is anything especially controversial about the videos, but it does highlight that there is plenty of classroom action on the site.

So what will YouTube do about this? The major of appeal of such a site is that it is a two way medium, allowing people to upload whatever they like. Will this be the beginning of the end for YouTube and sites like it? Will restrictions be imposed that will stifle the raison d’être of the video site?

Also how can YouTube police videos like these? Surely there are technical issues which will prevent it from stopping the videos being uploaded?

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  • I was involved in this and many people at our school our receiving adequate state offenses

  • er excuse me author of the article. i do not see blatant bullying. the lot of it were just teachers and students having fun at each other…

    the first one, they’re playing a joke on their favourite teacher, who played along sportingly.

    the 2nd one was their last day in high school b4 leaving for college, read the comments.

    the 3rd one were the last day of the teacher and he decided to have some fun as well. you can hear the students laughing most of the time.

    there’s more genuine abusive videos. try this for example, some racist brawl in malaysia university.

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