Evesham launches TV-930 widescreen LCD TV


Looking for a small TV? Evesham has just introduced the TV-930 widescreen LCD TV, which features a widescreen display – but at just 9.2 inches.

But don’t expect a pile of cutting-edge features – this is a TV that’s useful for space saving and portability – not for watching your high-def movies or a range of digital channels. It does promise a good quality screen though – with high brightness and contrast for sharp, detailed images.

And if you want to take it with you, it weighs less than 1kg and can operate via a 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter (included) as well as mains. And there’s connectivity for your DVD player or games console, as well as a headphone socket and remote control.

Available now, you can pick one up for £120.

Evesham website

Dave Walker
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