Computer Supermarket's MP4 range – a nano in disguise?

MP3 players

Look at the image to your left – yes, it’s the image of an iPod nano. Well, actually it’s not – this is part of the MP4 range from Computer Supermarket, with lawyer-bothering nano looks, added functionality (in comparison to the nano) and a price tag of just £49 for the 4GB model – compared to £129 for the equivalent Apple model.

In addition to music playback, you get a built-in FM radio with up to 50 presets, the ability to record radio for later playback, video playback via the 1.8-inch screen, voice recording and a photo album feature.

All sounds good – but this still isn’t a nano – it doesn’t work with iTunes and I’m guessing the interface isn’t all that. But with the memory, the rechargeable battery, added features and the choice of colours (black, blue, red and silver), it might well be worth a look for the price.

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Dave Walker
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  • i wouldn’t recommend giving any money to Computer Supermarket – i’ve been burned on an £800 desktop. They appear to be total cowboys, and i’d wonder about the provenance of their stock.

  • Yeah i have a mp4.. The battery Sucks.. Lol

    Ermm.. Its hard to figure out how to transfer songs onto it, my friend can but i cant.. theres nod evices to be searched for..!

    It recharges itself of your computer and its brilliant the only bad side to it is…

    The buttons are harder to use than the nano and more complicated.. You need a 20page instruction A4 manual to help you figure out this!


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