Akazawa PLEN – limited edition skating robot for the filthy rich


Number up on the Lotto draw? Just made a killing on a house sale? Well, here’s a good way of mindlessly spending the cash – the Akazawa PLEN robot.

So what does your new robot buddy do? Cook? Clean? walk the dog? None of those things – the nine-inch robot skates. Not just forwards – he can do backwards and pull a few moves too. And all controlled via Bluetooth from a mobile phone or PC.

The downside? Well, he doesn’t do much more. And you have to construct the robot yourself – although this is supposed to be easy enough. And of course, the price. Akazawa PLEN retails for £1,271.47. But that could be an investment – only 50 are being made initially, so you could have a collectable robot on your hands for the cash.

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Dave Walker
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