Yahoo! to offer unlimited mail storage


yahoomail.gifIn a first for a web-based email service (unless you know different), Yahoo! is to offer unlimited email storage to all of its users.

It comes as Yahoo! reaches the ripe old age of 10. That’s a long time online.

Many online email services have been increasing their quotas in the last few years. Google gives 2GB of storage to each of its Gmail users, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they move to unlimited storage sooner rather than later.

Quite who needs unlimited email storage is another matter.

Interestingly, some are speculating that this move will effectively give the iPhone unlimited email capacity, since Yahoo will be offering push email services to the device. That’s likely true, and shouldn’t be hindered by the iPhone’s storage capacity, either, as the whole point is it’s web-based email, so it’s Yahoo’s servers taking the load.

The service will be rolled out over several months beginning in May. It’s interesting to note that Yahoo are still offering their ‘premium’ 2GB mail service for £11.99 per year. Presumably this will go, though it will be interesting to see if Yahoo start offering other premium paid services in its place.

I don’t think it’ll be enough to entice many Gmail users to Yahoo, though. Storage is great but a decent online experience is more important, and many favour Google’s offering over other webmail services.

Andy Merrett
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