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It’s been a strange old year so far, weather-wise. In the last few weeks, we’ve zig-zagged from snow to rain to blazing sunshine. Either the Weather God’s having a laugh, or it’s the planet’s way of telling humanity we’re on our last warning, environment-wise. Your choice.

Anyway, if this year sees a repeat of last summer’s heatwave, you won’t want to be chained to your office desk. And why should you be? Surely modern technology offers a way to get yourself down the park to lounge in the sun, yet STILL keep up with those all-important emails and PowerPoint presentations?

And lo, there is. Sony’s VAIO SZ4 Series series is a lightweight laptop with a battery life that’ll ensure you flake out before it does on a sunny day. Better still, it comes with an HSDPA/3G card, plus a 30-day free trial of T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk service, giving you broadband speeds in the open air, without a wire in sight.



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Kate Walker
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