The Connaught Type-D H: the world's first hybrid sports coupé



The Connaught Type-D H specs are as follows: 140mph, 0-60mph in 6.5s, 42mpg, compliant with the 2010 low emissions guidelines. Being a four-seater and emphasizing fuel economy and inexpensiveness of operation, it seems to be trying to straddle the tricky territory between sexy and practical. It does have a V10 engine, yet, “the Petrol/Electric hybrid system is not included as a fashionable gadget nor to deliver a purely green statement. It is there to add performance whilst also having the benefit of cutting running costs and lowering emissions.” If you turn off the petrol engine (and it’s so cool that you can), you can idle in perfect silence, except for the disgusting roar and stink of everybody else around you. Video after the jump. [GT]

Connaught Type-D H [via Podtech]

Gabrielle Taylor
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