Moleskine hard drive enclosure



The Moleskine hard drive elicits deep ambivalence. On the one hand, anything by Moleskine is sleek, light, portable, and has an unimpeachable literary heritage. Perhaps a hard drive stored within a Moleskine would be flavoured with greatness right through all its contents. On the other hand, the dispersal of the potential contents of the Moleskine (though the creator does note you can use the pages to make your own Hipster PDA) can’t but tug my heartstrings. The results are very intellectually sexy – though as one commenter notes, “Just remember to put it in your computer bag when going through airport security. I could see myself putting the wrong moleskine in my back pocket and having TSA pull that out with the harddrive and going berserk!” [GT]

The Geekster Moleskine [via Boing Boing]

Gabrielle Taylor
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