Google advances on e-world domination with purchase of DoubleClick

Web 2.0


Casually dropped on a Friday afternoon is the bombshell news that Google is to acquire DoubleClick for $3bn. DoubleClick is a huge provider of online advertising, and in purchasing it, Google consolidates its grip on all electronic media, from public domain antiquity through the most sophisticated online advertising – and in a way that only a tiny fraction of internet users (and you, dear reader) will ever be aware of. This deal will allow DoubleClick to provide more sophisticated banner ad targeting (meaning you will hopefully see less blatantly stupid and inappropriate material) and give Google access to a brave new world of advertising infrastructure, providing financing toward world domination. Not blatantly Web 2.0 yet, but doubtless will significantly affect the commercial development of Web 2.0 (whatever that is). [GT]

Google to acquire DoubleClick

Gabrielle Taylor
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