An Apple computer made out of… wood?

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Wooden gadgets aren’t exactly new. We’ve seen wooden keyboards and mice, wood-panelled PSPs, and even wooden memory sticks. Now someone’s taken the logical step of making an ‘Apple’ computer out of wood.

Great for logging on, innit? I’d expect there to be a few chips in that. Perfect for checking out bulletin boards. And… okay, I’ve run out of rubbish wood/computer puns. But still, pretty cool eh? The computer, I mean. I’m under no illusions about the puns.

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Stuart Dredge
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  • You would like to think that the people running this site have a little knowledge of bygone products 🙂 Unless it is a ploy to get us ‘oldies’ to get our walking sticks out and start doing our Victor Meldrew impersonations….Ho Ho Ho.. Keep up the otherwise good work Tech Digest

  • That’s an original Apple 1 at the Smithsonian Museum in Maryland. Nice story, but you’re about 30 years late…

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