Scare burglars with a USB gun turret

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vcrib-gun-turret.jpgAnd I don’t mean one of those silly toy USB cannons that office pranksters buy to fire foam bullets at their workmates. No, this is a proper motorised gun turret that sits in your house, ready to pop caps in the arse of any burglar foolish enough to break in.

It’s been developed by a chap called Vaughn Rupp, and it allows him to log-in remotely via a Web-based interface, aim using a mini CCTV camera mounted on the gun, and then fire at will. Obviously, it works for burglars who aren’t called Will too.

The turret relies on tech from vCrib, an open-source home automation project. Watch the video below for a demo. Oh, and I’m not entirely clear on the legality of shooting burglars with USB guns, so maybe check with a lawyer before actually installing one, m’kay?

(via Automated Home)

Stuart Dredge
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