Oooms Wooden Memory Sticks


Intended to be a little more on the natural side than the typical weirdzoid USB drives, the Oooms Wooden USB Sticks are all uniquely constructed from random pieces of pretty looking wood. €45 for 256 megs, €60 for 512 megs, €70 for 1 gig. Although they have their aesthetic merits, isn’t the point of a USB drive to be portable and convenient? These look like they’d puncture you if you stuck it in your back pocket. [GT]

Oooms Wooden USB Sticks [via Trend Hunter]

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Camille Dumas
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One thought on “Oooms Wooden Memory Sticks

  • Ah ! That looks wierd. I wonder how I’m going to carry it in my pockets

    I’d rather prefer much sleeker ones

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