Virgin Media to double maximum broadband speed to 20Mbps


virginmedia.jpgVirgin Media has announced plans to double the maximum download speed on its top-tier broadband service by the summer, upping it to 20Mbps.

Assuming no network problems, the rollout will be complete by June. Virgin Media claim that users can expect at least ‘up to 16Mbps’ service, though we know that the ‘up to’ terminology covers a multitude of slow connections.

Successful trials of the service have already taken place. Looking forward to even faster speeds, the company are currently conducting trials of a 50Mbps service, pushing it beyond the 24Mbps services offered by the likes of Be, UK Online, and others.

Virgin Media could do with some good news after reporting significant financial and subscriber losses in the last quarter, before it officially re-branded. Faster broadband speeds will also help drive its plans for expanding entertainment services over the Internet.

A 50Mbps broadband service has me drooling – the first companies that can offer this at a decent price point will get my vote.

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Andy Merrett
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