Raytheon MONARCH is world's first polymorphic computer



While us peons at the consumer level won’t see the world’s first polymorphic chip, the MONARCH (Morphable Networked Micro-Architecture) any time soon since it’s intended for military GPS, radar, video processing systems and space gear – anything that needs to be small, low-power, and radiation-tolerant – the advent of a chip that can reconfigure itself on the fly is still pretty exciting news. Housing six microprocessors at 64 gigaflops each, delivering over 60 gigs per second of memory bandwidth and more than 43 gigs per second of off-chip data bandwidth, they’re both insanely powerful and, surprisingly, low power consumption to boot as compared to the quad Xeon. Coming soon to a junta near you. [GT]

Raytheon claims world’s first “polymorphic” computer [via Slashdot]

Gabrielle Taylor
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