R2D2 encourages you to Use The Post



As part of the celebration of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, the US Postal Service will allegedly – and photographic evidence notwithstanding this still smacks of some clever wanker’s idea of humour – remake a swath of postboxes to resemble robot icon R2D2. While they do appear to be official postboxes it also seems quite likely that, considering all the other commercial ventures UPS has engaged in (print your own stamps, for example) that you’ll be able to purchase your own slightly-functional R2D2. Then you can insert breathy, fearful messages which will be even less likely to actually make it to their intended recipient, with the result that a retired plumber from Dorset comes to try to save you. [GT]

R2-D2 Mailboxes Confirm Rumors

Gabrielle Taylor
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