Master Lock Street Cuffs



This is not the latest in S&M wear, ah, that I know of. (Actually, it probably is.) It’s the latest in high tech bike lock gear. MasterLock has replaced that nasty chain you had to tie your scooter with, with a simple design based on (you guessed it) handcuffs. Weighing only four pounds, it leaves plenty of space for your other whatnot, and if your vehicle gets stolen by force or breakage of the MasterLock, they’ll buy you a new one. [GT]

MasterLock Street Cuffs [via Spungle]

Gabrielle Taylor
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One thought on “Master Lock Street Cuffs

  • Pile of junk, these would fail in a matter of seconds when tickled with good quality pair of bolt croppers. Given they are usless as a deterent unless the thieves have been dumb enough to forget their the bolt croppers then I would give these a wide berth, unlike the thief who would not give any bike using these so called security cuffs a wide berth!


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