Alien UFO Detector with handy wrist strap



After the first couple of abductions you’re going to want to be on the alert, and certainly the cheapest and most convenient route (not to mention stylish, with its brilliant yellow strap) is via the Alien UFO Detector. Not being an alien I’m not totally sure how it works but if you have these kinds of issues you can probably spot precisely what kind of future tech is being deployed. $18.96, and if it spares you another random night probe it’s cheap at twice the price. [GT]

Alien UFO Detector [via Red Ferret]

Gabrielle Taylor
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One thought on “Alien UFO Detector with handy wrist strap

  • The best bit about this are the instructions:
    (Automatic mode) the “u tongue” has searched 24 hours UFO. UFO appearance do may be when, indicator 高速 turn at full speed begin. (As for sound you do not sound.)
    When (manual mode) the shelf where UFO may appear – with the button which at the place where you think is in the substance is pushed one time shortly, the “u tongue” checking the space of that place! UFO encounter probability extent is displayed with blinking condition.
    Extraterrestrial kana? Until with you sound “tweet” in the person who is thought, length you will push the button and will be able to point! It becomes search mode, extraterrestrial probability extent it is shown by blinking of the indicator.

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