Top 10 stories to file alongside Steve Jobs saying DRM is bad

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steveweb.jpgSo, digital rights management technology should be abolished, according to Apple’s Steve Jobs. That’d be the same Steve Jobs whose company won’t let you play iTunes Store downloads on your mobile phone or non-Apple MP3 player. Lumme. Here’s ten other stories in a similar vein to Jobs’ ‘DRM is bad’ claim.

1. Pot: “Man, that kettle is black, don’t you think?”
2. Keith Richards: “Drugs are bad, kids. Don’t do ’em.”
3. George Bush Jr: “You can’t torture suspected terrorists without a fair trial.”
4. Bluto: “Kidnapping sailors’ girlfriends is plain wrong.”
5. Lindsay Lohan: “Getting out of limos without undercrackers on is obscene.”
6. Tom Cruise: “Stay away from scientology. Those people are crazy.”
7. Dolly Parton: “Cosmic surgery ruins your looks, girls.”
8. Alex Ferguson: “It’s not fair to shout at your players. If you kick objects at them, you deserve a lawsuit.”
9. King Kong: “Leave pretty ladies alone. They don’t like heights.”
10. Elton John: “I’ve always said the more understated you dress, the better.”

Stuart Dredge
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  • if you had actually READ the article by Steve Jobs, you’d realize that he did not choose to put the DRM on iTunes, and that Apple cannot, for logistical reasons, open the DRM to other manufacturers.

    though i must say, some of those article titles you came up with are pretty funny.

  • Hi, thanks for that. Are you suggesting that Apple couldn’t have chosen a different flavour of DRM that *does* allow iTunes Store downloads to be played on non-Apple devices? Or was he forced to lock them out by the major labels too?

  • Did you even read or understand the article Steve wrote? iTunes Music Store files aren’t playable on other devices because of DRM.

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