Swatch Infinity – futuristic watch with MP3 player, video recorder and photo viewer


When I think of Swatch, I think of brightly-coloured watches, feverishly collected in the 1980s – certainly not cutting-edge technology. All that could change with the Swatch Infinity.

Don’t try buying one, it’s just a concept gadget right now. Designed by Pierre Merlet, the infinity offers you a digital readout of the time, an MP3 player, photo album and for all those candid moments when you’re out and about, a video recorder. The face can also be removed to recharge and sync.

That’s what we do know – what we don’t know is the amount of storage, whether this has any kind of wireless connectivity and if this is a serious concept with an eye on the market or a publicity piece for a long-forgotten watch maker. As soon as we hear more about any of those things (especially the latter), we’ll let you know.

Swatch website

Via Yanko Design

Dave Walker
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