Shiny product launch sneak preview – Samsung's Lily phone


Shiny Katie is a wonderful human being, who is far too witty and entertaining for her own good. She does however have one tiny flaw – she has a real thing about ‘girl phones.’ And by girl phones I mean the kind of low-end stuff makers bash out in a bid to nab women (and some men) who don’t understand that a mobi is measured not by its cuteness, but by how loud its speakers go when playing back MP3 tunes.*

Exhibit A is Katie going all weak at the knees when handling Samsung’s latest Lily phone. Sure it looks delightful, but it only has a VGA camera for goodness sake, and where’s the integrated GPS? And what about its HSDPA modem facility? Aah well. Each to their own, I spose.

* Preferably when sitting on the back of a bus

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