Virgin Media's Richard Branson – publicity stunt shocker


When Kat told me that Richard Branson was in a clear box around the corner from our Covent Garden offices, I rushed out – camera phone in hand – hoping to get a shot of him suspended precariously from a big crane hundreds of feet above the ground David Blaine stylee.

Unfortunately, he was on terra firma and didn’t appear to be depriving of himself of food and water for any long period of time. Shame. Instead he was on the phone to Al Gore (apparently), him of An Inconvenient Truth fame, in some shameless attempt to get more publicity for his newly launched Virgin Media proposition. Read more about Virgin Media here and here

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One thought on “Virgin Media's Richard Branson – publicity stunt shocker

  • richard branson recently advertised global warming competion. i wanted to ask him a question.
    do you have his email address.

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