Marks and Spencer Enterprise Workbag and sound system

MP3 players

If you are a business person on the move, and especially on a train, chances are you annoy everyone around you with your loud (and often pointless) mobile conversations. So why not take it a step further with the Enterprise Workbag and sound system.

It looks just like a typical laptop and document carrier – and that’s because it is – just the right size for a cabin bag under current restrictions too. But what it has over similar products is a built-in NXT flat-panel speaker system, along with a standard 3.55m audio connector compatible with MP3 players/iPods, laptop PCs, CD players and portable gaming devices. Which means you can blast out your sounds to the amusement or anger of fellow travellers.

It operates from 3 x AA batteries for up to 7 hours and is available now for £65.

Find out more at the Marks and Spencer website

Dave Walker
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