Gibson HD.6X-Pro – classic guitar meets computer


The classic Gibson Les Paul is still the guitar of choice for countless musicians, but now it’s had a modern upgrade, adding a computer wizardry with the Gibson HD.6X-Pro.

Essentially, it’s the traditional Les Paul, sounding just like the original because it uses the same Humbucker pickups as previous models. However, the HD.6X-Pro also features a digital pickup that can capture a separate signal for each string.

What does that mean in practice? Well, strings can be assigned to different channels in a mixing desk, offering you the ability of accessing several sound effects at once for the one guitar. So certain strings could have a chorus effect, others a delay effect, opening up a whole new way of playing.

Or if you love the traditional sound, ignore the new technology completely. Available now, the HD.6X-Pro retails for around £2,800.

Gibson website

Dave Walker
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