Kingston launches microSD Dual Adapter Pack – add some flexibility to your storage card

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Not all devices takes the same size of storage card – meaning you could have one that fits your PDA, but isn’t much use in your digital camera or MP3 player. One solution to the dilemma is Kingston Technology’s new microSD Dual Adapter Pack – designed to make Mobile Flash cards more flexible.

The set consists of a 1GB microSD card, a microSD to miniSD card adapter and a microSD to full size SD card adapter. The kit costs £10.60 plus VAT and is backed by a lifetime warranty for the 1GB microSD card.

According to Jim Selby, Product Marketing Manager at Kingston: “With microSD cards being used in many multifunctional handsets, Kingston saw an opportunity to create a very practical product – costing considerably less than buying three different memory card formats of the same capacity. Now consumers can use the miniSD or standard SD card adapter with a microSD card to enjoy music, pictures and videos or easily transport files from a mobile phone to an MP3 player, digital camera, PC or printer.”

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