Forget the Valentine's card – it's all about e-flirting


Don’t be too downhearted if the Valentine’s cards were lacking in number this year, there might still be time for some e-flirting this year.

According to a new survey from, 65 per cent of under-35 year olds would prefer to send a Valentine email to someone they fancy, rather than a card. Although admittedly, the survey only covered the views of 150 “young professionals” (or bored office workers if you prefer). The majority of those surveyed believed they were more likely to get an immediate response from the prospective Valentine and felt more comfortable flirting over email. Not knowing the postal address of the person they fancy and feeling that a card is more ‘full on’ were the key reasons behind not sending a more traditional card.

According to Amanda Tsinonis, co-founder of “The web 2.0 generation is most comfortable working and playing via the Internet. They use it for keeping in touch with friends, managing finances, buying music and groceries…it’s unsurprising that it should become the fastest and most popular approach for fun flirting and potentially finding love as well.”

And if you’re in the mood for love, has designed its own Valentine viral to help spread the love. To send a message online click here.

Dave Walker
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