Ford SYNus mobile command center



Still in the prototype stages, the Ford SYNus is intended for a day when we no longer have flats and just rove the streets in our armored vehicles, like chic versions of the Road Warrior. Described as a “techno sanctuary”, the SYNus is meant to provide comfort in a congested area (huh huh, gettit? SYNus? congestion? huh huh) with a mini-home theater with multi-configuration seating and multi-media work station, and 45-inch LCD from Sharp. The whole shebang is controlled by your laptop via Wi-Fi. When parked and in “secure mode” it deploys bulletproof shutters over the windows and windshield (which are bullet-resistant anyhow). It also has a drivers-side combination lock for… people who forget their keys a lot. Presumably will be available in any colour you like – I’m picturing this baby in pink with daisies. [GT]

Ford SYNus

Gabrielle Taylor
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