Apple appeals to PC users: Want iTunes? Don't use Vista yet


ituneslogo.jpgApple has suggested that PC users wanting to upgrade to Windows Vista should wait a while if they’re planning on continuing to use iTunes.

An Apple support document issued last Thursday said that iTunes has some compatibility issues with Microsoft’s new operating system, and that it would take a few weeks for an updated version of iTunes to be released.

Hmmm, could this be the same amount of time it takes for OS X Leopard to emerge?

That’s probably a little cynical – after all I don’t expect hordes of users to try and hack OS X onto their PC, though I reckon it won’t be too long before that’s a possiblity.

In any case, it’s quite amusing that Apple are using the leverage of their music player (which many iPod users are now effectively tied in to using) to dissuade users from upgrading their machines to Vista.

Just one of the stories in the renewed tensions between Apple and Microsoft.

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Andy Merrett
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