Windows Vista Launch, London – Bill Gates Speech (the one where Kat waits for it to begin)

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Here I am, yet again waiting in a queue to see the great Bill Gates. For the second time in less than a month, I’m privileged enough to attend a keynote speech made by the founder of Microsoft, possibly The Most Amazing Man In The World. Stop quivering there, Apple fanboys, I used to be amongst the hordes of bespectacled (black square frames, natch) Steve Jobs worshippers, only I soon came to my senses. Thank goodness for that.

The time is now 9.50am, and we’ve been ushered into the auditorium of the conference centre at the British Library. There’re probably only 80 seats here at most, a far cry from Gates’ speech at Las Vegas’ Venetian hotel earlier this month, which had close to a thousand people in attendance.

I now have a schedule for the day – in 5 minutes Gordon Frazer, the managing director of Microsoft UK, will take to the stage, and introduce ol’ Bill. Gates, that is. He will speak for 20 minutes about the digital reunification of the Leonardo da Vinci Codices, whatever that may have to do with Vista! After that, the slightly crap-tastic band The Feeling will come on, and blather about the wonders of this new OS, no doubt secretly planning what to spend their high guest appearance fee on. Bet it’s not going to be Vista, more like more pairs of skinny jeans and Converse.

Stay tuned, as the keynotes speech is about to begin…

Katherine Hannaford
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