3rdi – CCTV-like security using your mobile phone

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Not the first time we’ve featured mobile-based home security, but the 3rdi mobile security system seems fairly straightforward to use and indeed affordable.

The system uses a small camera that can be positioned anywhere to watch over anything that you value around the home, the office or even in the car. Once the camera is in position, you can view live footage of your possessions whenever and from wherever you want via your mobile phone.

The system also works when you are not watching the camera. Using infrared and motion sensors, the camera detects when an intruder has entered your home, with the 3rd-i control centre immediately sending a text message alert to your mobile phone. You can then access a recording of the event that set the camera off or view the location in real-time. Images are stored at the 3rd-i control centre for up to 30 days, so if the mobile phone is switched off when the alert is sent, footage of the event is still available.

The 3rdi camera retails for around £200, check the company’s website for pricing for its monitoring services.

3rdi website

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  • Mobile home security systems are definitely beginning to be on demand, especially since people nowadays are hooked in the fast-paced lifestyle and are always on the go. It’s great to still check on your home even when you’re away at work. Our family, valuable possessions, mortgage, and expenses won’t go to waste and will be protected.

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