Solar Technology launches FreeLoader solar gadget charger


Fancy doing your bit for the environment without sacrificing your gadgets? You could try the FreeLoader charger from Solar Technology.

As the company name suggests, the FreeLoader uses solar power to charge gadgets such as iPods, digital cameras and mobile phones, which is good for the environment and good if you happen to be out and about, away from a USB socket or power point.

FreeLoader can simultaneously charge your gadgets as well as its internal battery and holds its battery charge for up to three months. And it doesn’t need sunlight – just daylight, even on a cloudy day, will do.

Check with the company’s website for compatibility of your gadgets. If they match, you can pick up the FreeLoader for £29.99 from March 1st.

Solar Technology website

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One thought on “Solar Technology launches FreeLoader solar gadget charger

  • Just a quick note to say SkyLineSolar is the international distributor for the Freeloader solar panels and also a UK distributor for all solar technology panels.

    UK freeloader master packs at £27.99 and £32.99 for all international customers.

    we also stock hundreads of other solar gadgets.



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