IRIS mobile phone-controlled security camera

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  You might have an alarm on your house or flat, but what if you want to keep a close eye on the place – or the items contained within it? The IRIS security camera can keep a close eye on your things and if there’s a problem, can stream video footage to your phone.

The IRIS camera is claimed to be the world’s first network-independent wireless stand alone camera that sends live video to your mobile phone. Set-up is straighforward, so no need for any technical knowledge – you just need an EDGE or 3G phone. The camera features a standard sim card integrated within it, so connecting is as easy as a phone call and it can also be set up for use for a number of users to dial in and use simultaneously.

In alarm mode, the IRIS camera continually monitors for movement – if any is detected, the camera will automatically upload video of the event to a secure server, notifying the user via SMS, who can view the recording on their mobile phone – and call the police if necessary.

Sounds great – as long as you make sure you the cat isn’t in the house when it’s on.

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  • Re- “Sounds great – as long as you make sure the cat isn’t in the house when it’s on.”

    Apparently, you can switch the alarm mode on or off remotely from your mobile to ensure no false alarms. Handy!

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