3GSM 2007: SanDisk launch 8GB iNAND embedded flash drive

3GSM 2007, Gadgets

sandisk.gifSanDisk have unveiled their JEDEC-standard iNAND embedded flash drive standard, capable of capacities up to 8GB.

iNAND is compatible with the SD bus and commands, and is designed for use with applications such as mobile TV and multimedia storage, gaming, GPS and PDA applications.

The new JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standard hardware interface and integrated smart flash management software means that the drive can be easily used with mobile devices.

“At 8GB, iNAND, with its new JEDEC standard ball-out which is also supported by a wide range of other consumer electronics products, opens up a new range of opportunities for iNAND beyond the millions of mobile handsets and consumer electronics products where it is already used,” said David Tolub, VP and co-manager of the Mobile Handset Vendor business unit at SanDisk.

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Andy Merrett
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