3GSM 2007: We're off


Hi, this is Ashley. We just landed in Barcelona, I’m here for 3GSM. It’s the world biggest, best & sometimes quite controversial Mob. phone exhibition. There are many, many big names here from Sony Ericsson & Nokia to content companies & many other people who are looking at taking Web 2.0 application & importing them onto Mob. phones.

Throughout the duration of the show, we are using SpinVox’s very clever technology Spin-my-Blog. It enables users to post direct to their Blog just by speaking to a Mob. phone. So anyway, we’re off to the hotel now it’s Sun night & looking forward to the show starting tomorrow. I’ll be spending a lot my time with Samsung who paying for the trip. So expect some videos & some hands on with new phones.

You can check out live coverage from the show (and see how Spin My Blog fares) at our Vox 3GSM blog here.

Susi Weaser