MWC 2011: Acer Iconia TAB A500 slate revealed

Looks like MWC 2011 is set to be a tablet tsunami just like CES 2011 last month. Acer are the latest to announce a brand new tablet device, in the shape of the Iconia TAB A500. A 10.1 inch device,…

Acer smartphone confirmed, to be launched on Feb 16


Rumour that Acer is to launch a smartphone has been spreading across the net for a while, but it’s just become official. Acer will launch its phone on February 16 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It probably won’t look anything like our artists’ impression to the right, complete with PC ports on the side.

What we do know is that Acer designed it with the help of E-TEN – a smartphone company that Acer acquired last year, and that it’ll run Windows Mobile. Which is a shame – it’d be nice to see an Android beast. Pricing, availability, specs and all sorts of other details will likely be announced on Feb 16, and when they are, we’ll tell you them.

(via BGR)

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