Verizon rejected Apple's iPhone advances two years ago

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Various reports suggest that about two years ago, Verizon rejected a deal from Apple to market the coming iPhone.

They weren’t against the iPhone itself, merely the terms of the agreement that Apple laid out, which are said to have included a share of the monthly contract fee, a say over how and where the iPhone could be sold, and a control over the relationship with iPhone customers.

What’s interesting, other than the fact that Verizon may well have missed their chance now that Cingular have the exclusive rights to market the iPhone in the US, is that Apple were talking to operators two years ago.

No wonder iPhone rumours have been around for so long. Of course, a phone without a provider isn’t great, but I wonder why Apple didn’t choose to develop an unlocked mobile phone. They could still control the official channels where the phone was sold, plus develop a relationship with iPhone owners.

Or maybe Verizon couldn’t stomach marketing such an expensive phone. Time will tell whether they end up kicking themselves for missing out on a hit Apple product.

(Via TechWhack)

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