Taxi Hailer – catch a cab ahead of the crowd


At the busiest of times, it’s not easy to attract the attention of a passing taxi driver – after all, one person’s arm looks very much like another. And an arm isn’t all that visible in busy traffic. So enter a potential solution – the Taxi Hailer.

The Taxi Hailer is a joint effort between cabbie Tony Brady and product designer Chris Cullen. It’s credit card-sized and features a ‘super bright’ flashing light that’s easily spotted by taxi drivers negotiating their way through crowded streets, saving you the job of throwing yourself into the road.

The replaceable batteries guarantee a minimum of 100 hours and its use is recognised by Licensed London Taxi Drivers. And even if you’re out of London, your arm will certainly attract more attention with a flashing light at the end. It retails for £9.99.

Taxi Hailer website

Dave Walker
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